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Need for Sound Consulting

Today in our industry, we are faced with many challenges and these can prove to be complex to both analyse and to solve. For these reasons sound consulting advice is becoming increasingly important and our expert team is on hand to provide the required services to meet your demands:

  • Refining Technology Consultants
  • Petrochemical Technology Consultants
  • Refinery MasterPlans
  • Independent Consultants

Our Consulting Team joins forces with our clients to define and put in place solutions to meet their specific challenges.

Please browse the consulting services to see the areas in which our team may be able to assist your Business with.

Strategic Analysis

Meeting Strategic Challenges & Objectives is a key step in achieving your business targets. Our Consulting Branch is on hand to provide the following Strategic Solutions: 

Profitability Studies

Profitability Studies is another sector where our Consulting Team can assist to get results:

Project Development

The initial phases of any project are the most critical, because the decisions, which are made in these steps, have the most impact on the project's cost and schedule. The Consultant staff has excellent experience in these initial steps, and EPC has consulted and advised several major oil companies through these steps. We can help you on:


Technology Evaluations of Licensor Technology

Being completely independent, we are in a unique position to act as a completely neutral party in the tender process for technology licenses; from the evaluation of the proposals right through to the decision of selecting the most financially and technically feasible option:


A good MASTERPLAN is the basis for a successful project - The MASTERPLAN enhances the capital asset utilization efficiency. We may help the Client to create a MASTERPLAN in which the Client identifies the goal(s), evaluate alternatives, selects the most beneficial alternative, and implements a plan to accomplish the goal(s).

Contracting Strategies

The type of contract for each project phase depends on the type of project, the Client's policies, past experiences, current market conditions, scheduling requirements, and financing requirements. Our team has helped many clients to organize successful contract strategies for their projects.

Project Management


In addition, our Consulting Team may help the Client to plan for the transition to future phases of the project in a timely and orderly manner. This includes the creation of additional documents and procedures such as a contracting strategy.


With our knowledge and experience in the international equipment markets, the Client benefits with lower costs and faster delivery.

We can assist Client to evaluate the current state of any existing equipment through site Inspection services.

To accomplish the swift delivery of equipment with the important customs documentation our Consulting Branch utilizes a worldwide network of inspection partner’s inspection partner companies and importing companies.

Legal and Finance

Assistance with all legal, contractual discussions & negotiations when developing project documentation including assistance with any disputes that may arise during project implementation.

Assistance with obtaining financing for certain projects & can also assist with the evaluations of different financing proposals.

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